The grounds of Old Government House have been extensively renovated and replanted since the time of the Governors. The gardens are now in a mid-Victorian style, with a wide range of plants and trees and a particularly stunning collection of heritage roses. It features cottage plants and flowers cultivated in Victorian times, heritage roses and mature trees. The garden setting is very popular for photography and weddings.

The garden is maintained by a group of volunteers who work tirelessly every Saturday and Monday mornings to keep the garden up to standard.  We gratefully acknowledge the help of South Australian company Neutrog for the supply of much needed premium high quality fertilisers.

If you want to join our Gardening Group, contact us for details.

Stroll within the confines of neatly pruned hedges through an 1880s garden. Old fashioned roses, traditional plants and natives growing beneath tall ornamental trees create an informal period setting.

A short video of the Gardening Australia segment which went to air Friday 25th September 2020